Jun 16, 2016

Actifio: Oracle Protection and Recovery

High Level Steps

  1. Discover the Oracle host and database instances
  2. Perform Oracle database pre-checks
  3. Configure Oracle database protection
  4. Set up Archive Log protection
  5. Execute a full database recovery
  6. Configure database cloning for Test and Development

Step 1 - Discovering the Oracle Database and Add Host Port

After determining the data capture method you would like to use - in-band or out-of-band, for example - you will use the Domain Manager and Application Manager in the Actifio desktop to discover the host and the DB application.  In this example, we assume that the Oracle DB is running in a virtual machine and as such we will configure an out-of-band data capture method utilizing the VMWare API and access through vCenter.

Once the application is discovered and seen by the Actifio CDS, we need to add a port to the host to allow it to mount snapshots for image recovery purposes.  For an ESX server, this is most commonly an iSCSI port.  Your going to paste the iSCSI initiator name to the Actifio CDS add port dialog box and then test the connection.

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